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Special Statement From Skinscast

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The Skinscast Podcast launched just prior to Redskins Training Camp, in 2006. Skinscast wasn’t the first Redskins-related podcast, but we quickly became the most listened-to Redskins-related podcast anywhere on earth. During our peak years in the late-2000s, Skinscast enjoyed per-episode listenership 10-15,000 per episode. Sometimes even higher.

Skinscast was built on the notion that a couple of fans talking about their team could be compelling. This wasn’t necessarily unique or novel; other fan-shows in the Washington area had seen success, even beyond that of Skinscast.

But Skinscast was unique in that we were fans who covered the team regularly as media. We had the passion of fans with the access of press. And we used that access to give our fellow-fans an inside view of their team.

Given our success, it was no surprise others would throw their hat in the ring and soon, the landscape featured an array of Redskins’ podcasts. Despite the competition, Skinscast maintained an impressive presence among Redskins’ fans.

A decade later however, things have changed. We have each enjoyed success in our careers and some experienced changes with our families – both of which demand greater time and attention.

As a result, and with much regret; we are suspending regular production of the show.

We would like to thank our loyal fans for 10-years of support. We have some of the most knowledgeable fans on earth. It has been a thrill to produce this show for you, and we will really miss it.

Though we will not produce a weekly show, it is possible we may produce the occasional episode or special content. We certainly are not abandoning ownership of our name or content.

I would be remiss without thanking the greatest partner ever; Brian Reffkin. And thanks also to our other founding member, JC. To this day he will not want his name used and to this day I will honor that request. All JC did was name the show and suggest the opening theme song.

Thanks to the other regular members; Brian Murphy (Homer McFanBoy), Brad Baker, Jack Anderson, and Daniel Shiferaw.

Thanks too to the writers. ESPN’s John Keim and Washington Post Express’ Rick Snider were regulars for a while. David Elfin appeared, as did Grant Paulsen who now hosts a show on 106.7, The Fan.

Pretty darn good collection of talent for a little ol’ podcast.

Most of all; thanks to the listeners. Thank you for your support. We love our fans and will miss you all.


John Pappas, Skinscast Founder & Producer

The Best of Warpath – Hopes and dreams on a mid-summer’s night

Sunday, August 18th, 2013


We are starting a new feature here at Skinscast. We’ve received approval to give our readers a sample of the great articles found in Warpath Magazine. Every edition, we will run one article for your enjoyment. If you like what you read (and we are convinced you will), we encourage you to consider a subscription.

Hopes and dreams on a mid-summer’s night

by John Pappas

The human knee is a wonder of design. Probably not the most compelling body part, but darn important to anyone walking upright. You may think about your own from time-to-time, but you hardly lose sleep worrying about knees belonging to other people. That is, unless you root for quarterback Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.

Griffin famously blew out his knee in last season’s playoff game against Seattle at FedEx Field. It wasn’t pretty. It was one of those injuries they warn you about before the replay. When Griffin went down, his knee moved in ways not intended. The resulting gasp from Redskins Nation registered on the Richter scale.

Griffin is the future of Washington. He is also the present. All hopes are on him. There is arguably no player more beloved in the NFL by their fans. Not to say the fans were long in the wilderness before Griffin. But when he arrived; it kind of felt we had been.


Skinscast returns soon

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

This offseason we have been busy doing very little and liking it. However, Skinscast will return with the upcoming season.

The Trade

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The boys weigh in. 

The timing of the trade Friday between St Louis and Washington that has the Redskins sending their first and second-round picks in this year’s draft, as well as the first-round picks in 2013 and 2014 in return for the Rams’ 2012 second overall pick prevented us from getting together on a special episode. But we still wanted to go on record with our thoughts on the trade.


We said on the show this offseason is the most important for the Redskins in a generation. With the trade, we believe the 2012 offseason will define the team for the next decade.

If the presumptive selection of Robert Griffin III pans out – it will be viewed as the bold move that restored glory to the franchise. If we are treated to Heath Shuler Part 2 however, it will become another example of epic front office failure in Washington. 


Washington Redskins Cut List 2011

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

The Washington Redskins roster cuts revealed the team is indeed keeping just two quarterbacks–John Beck and Rex Grossman. There’s still no telling who the starter will be.

Kellen Clemens and Matt Gutierrez were among the Redskins’ roster casualties Saturday evening.

On the keeper side of things, veteran wide receiver Donte Stallworth played his way onto the team along with second-year standout Terrence Austin who has at ton of potential.

Meanwhile, running back Evan Royster was released, but is thought to be a strong candidate for the practice squad if he clears waivers.

In addition to the cuts, the Redskins placed safety Kareem Moore on the PUP list as expected.

Here is a complete list of the players cut by the Redskins.

  • WR Isaac Anderson
  • LB Horatio Blades
  • NT Anthony Bryant
  • T Selvish Capers
  • QB Kellen Clemens
  • TE Tony Curtis
  • RB Shaun Draughn
  • LB Thaddeus Gibson
  • QB Matt Gutierrez
  • G/T Artis Hicks
  • S Chris Horton
  • G Maurice Hurt
  • LB Edgar Jones
  • CB Reggie Jones
  • T Clint Oldenburg
  • C Donovan Raiola
  • WR Aldrick Robinson
  • RB Evan Royster
  • S Anderson Russell
  • TE Derek Schouman
  • S Davonte Shannon
  • DE Jeff Stehle
  • DE Doug Worthington
  • RB Keiland Williams

Chuck Carroll is the senior writer at Football News Now. Follow him on Twitter at @FNN Chuck for more inside Redskins information.