Skinscast is two shows in one.

The show’s core is made of a group of guys who grew up rooting for the Washington Redskins. Some went on to cover the team as reporters and photographers. Others went on to work for the Redskins. Despite this, they still share a passion for the team while bringing insight and inside knowledge that can only be gained by being inside the locker room and developing relationships with the players and coaches.

The other group is the Writer’s Round table. The writers are made up of some of the best, most experienced journalists who cover the team. Combined they feature over 60 years of Redskins coverage. The most experience covering the Redskins you will find in any one place.

This mix of experience and inside information make Skinscast the best Redskins-related podcast anywhere. In fact, we will put our show up against any Redskins show out there – be it TV, radio, or Internet.


John Pappas – Founder

John Pappas has rooted for the Redskins since the 1970s and well remembers the multiple playoff and Super Bowl runs of the 80s and early 90s.  Like most fans of the era, he believed it would last forever.  And like most fans, he hopes a return to glory is right around the corner.  Pappas began covering the team in 2006.  He is currently the editor at www.warpathconfidential.com.  He brings perspective straight from the press box, locker room, and Redskins Park. 

Brian Reffkin – Co-founder

Brian Reffkin is 100% fan. He does not worry about posting to a blog or writing for a site (although he has performed coverage duties in the past). His role is to talk about the ‘Skins from a fan’s perspective, and he holds nothing back! Skinscast is his outlet for all things Redskins.

Brian Murphy – Contributor

Brian Murphy has roamed NFL sidelines as a photographer since 2005. During that time, he’s watched countless games from a vantage point most fans dream of but few ever experience, giving him a unique perspective on the Redskins. He’s a smart ass and a bit of a pessimist, but we live with it because he works hard. Murphy also runs a D.C.-themed sports blog called Homer McFanboy.

Brad Baker – Contributor

Brad Baker is an Emmy Award-winning Writer, Producer, and Film Editor of Sports Television who had the distinct pleasure of actually working for the Washington Redskins for 2 seasons. He’s been on the inside, and could actually draw you maps of the building. Though now in Georgia, he continues to be a rabid fan of the team he’s rooted for since birth, and loves to have Reffkin agree with most everything he says.

JC – Co-founder/Special Contributor

JC (he prefers to stay under the radar) is an integral part of the show, though some listeners have never heard of him.  JC was there in the beginning, and is most famous for naming the site you are now visiting, and the show that bears its name.  JC is known to pop up on the occasional episode and commercial, contributes show ideas, and is a darn good photographer in his own right.  Just don’t loan him any DVDs…

Rick Snider – Writer’s Roundtable Contributor

Rick Snider first wandered into Redskins Park in 1983 thinking Dexter Manley and Dave Butz were the biggest human beings he’d ever seen. He has since covered the team for a half dozen or so publications, including his current stint as the Washington Examiner columnist and Warpath magazine associate publisher. After surviving a heart attack in the Redskins Park lobby, Snider believes he died that day and now spending purgatory by forever haunting the halls of the Ashburn, Va. facility.

John Keim – Writer’s Roundtable Contributor

John Keim is the Washington Examiner’s Redskins reporter and has covered the team since 1994. Keim is the author of Stadium Stories: Washington Redskins; Legends by the Lake: The Cleveland Browns at Municipal Stadium and co-authored Hail to RFK! 36 Seasons of Redskins Memories and America’s Rivalry! The 20 Greatest Redskins-Cowboys Games. He’s the Redskins correspondent for the Sporting News and Pro Football Weekly and is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows, having appeared on ESPN’s First Take and the NFL Network’s 2008 Road to the NFL Draft, among other shows.

David Elfin – Writer’s Roundtable Contributor

David Elfin grew up rooting passionately for the Redskins. He covered them objectively for most of the past 20 seasons. The former President of the Pro Football Writers of America and the current Washington representative on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee hopes to continue covering the Redskins for someone in 2010 and beyond.

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