New Skinscast Episode – It is a wrap


The Redskins ended a bad season on a horrible note, leaving many grateful the pain of the 2011 campaign is finally over.

There is a lot to do this week to get ready for the offseason. A brief review of the final game in Philadelphia kicks off the extra-long episode, followed by a review of the top quarterbacks in college and how they performed in their bowl games. All agree a franchise quarterback is priority 1. The draft is a concern and what the Redskins may have to do to get their man is discussed. The week 17 heart-throb Matt Flynn is examined, and other scenarios considered.

Jack Anderson rejoins the team in segment two, mainly to gloat about a steak dinner he and Reffkin won in a bet from Pappas and Murf. And then there is our favorite game – who stays and who goes in the offseason.

In the fourth segment Rick Snider of the Washington Examiner joins us and talks about other options if the quarterbacks cannot be had in the draft.

This is our final episode until free agency. So we made sure to give extra to hold you over.


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One Response to “New Skinscast Episode – It is a wrap”

  1. Dan DiPlacido says:

    Sorry to say that ” I ” AM JUST GLAD THAT THE SEASON IS OVER !
    I am having a pity-party FOR MYSELF for being a ‘Skins fan after this disasterous season. I can now spend my Sunday afternoons watching something interesting on the tube…like… I don’t know… the channel that shows people getting a root-canal or something like that ! The days of Larry Brown, John Riggins, The Hogs, etc.etc. …. you know..WINNING FOOTBALL …. have been GONE ….. WAY TOOOOOOOOO LONG.
    Well, gotta go …. my wife is taking me to a sports store ….. she says they sell alot of clothes, knick-knacks, and things, that are BLUE AND SILVER in color ????

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